November 22nd, 2011, 10:13 am




It is the beginning! Of the end of the year. I have a long weekend (like many people, unless you work retail or, unless your work needs you on Friday, to which you have my condolences.)

I have plans to use this weekend to get ahead with Tattered, as well as upload some new incentives. >D keekeekee

im excited as chapter 1 is just awesome. the next page is the chapter cover, in color, and then onto the story!


I have set up advertizing on my website, i ask that you kindly give a click or 2 as it a: helps me. b: helps the person advertizing. they want exposure and you may find something to add to your list. :D

working on some thank you arts :D once Tattered passed the 500th mark on TWC i will have some thank you art, and then set a new goal. a click for tattered make Nami happy, and gets you new art!

Once tattered hits 50 fans on SmackJeeves, i will post some thank you art. (next marker is 100) so tell you friends!

i would like to thank you for reading and your support!